I love my art

 Really. I love my art. and I love good art. How can you know which one is good vs bad. You just know. You fall in love with the good one at the first sight.
The one on the lower left is not mine, but Katherine. I have been keeping it for year.

 I love my arts . Every one of them. This series is a memory for our Sapa honeymoon. I did it three years ago. After 10 years of marriage.

Bathroom is a good place to hang my works. Quiet and nobody sees it, but me.

Every coner of my house is a small gallery. These are me and Banh Xeo did it two years ago. She showed me the tearing tech for collages.

I feel comfortable and @ home when I am surrounding by my arts. My art keeps me alive. No matter where I live, my arts make me feel at home.

the upper was done by Banh Xeo and Beo four years ago as summer project.

This is a one just finished today, collage and gesso on old canvas.

Took me a year to get it right. After layer and layer of found images and text from newspapers and books , gesso and more gesso, finally, I officially get it finished today.

 The pictures had taken by Ngoc Lan today ( May 6, 2012 ) down Little Sai Gon. My art is still there for five years.

Something is going on that I have not known yet. But more or less related to my art. That is good enough !

I love my art. If you do not love your works, nobody does.