8 hours of retarded drawings

What would you do if you had 8 hours of waiting and doing absolutely nothing inside the airport?
Off course, you may not be able to shop in the fancy stores where they are willing to rip you off with their ridiculous prices. You would go hungry? deal with it. I did not spend $10 for a hamburger or $10 for a pizza which was a size of a baby hand.Even a thin bar of vegan chocolate was $6. The only thing is free is tap water!

I starved myself.I drew. Yep. I drew for 8 hours. Got home, touched up a little bit. And here we go. A series of drawings . I call.

8 Hours of Retarded Drawings.

All of them are done with ink , pencil, color pencil and newspaper on sketch book size white paper.

Shine shoes-shoes shine. She was busy that day.

Do you want to try some of our vegan lotion?

She was waiting.

Vegan shop of skin care, cosmetic and fragrant

sometimes, waiting and doing nothing is not that bad.
At all.


Hươngxưa said...

đi đâu vậy Lún? đẹp nha. H thích series này.

Sparkling said...

đẹp chị ơi, "được" 8 tiếng ngồi vẽ 0 vậy cũng sướng và productive quá. thích cái 2nd lắm, cái đó lên triễn lãm đc á. m thì chắc đọc sách thôi, bị nhốt ở sân bay lâu mà nhàn quá chịu 0 nổi đâu.

Taaman said...

"not bad at all!" U 're quite right!!! Poor your stomach but rich for my eyes! Hi hi!

marcus said...

Trời 8 tiếng mà vẽ được chừng này hả? :o
Thiệt là hâm mộ quạ sĩ quá đi!
Thích nhất tấm số 1 và 2.