How to make a gift for Father Day

Make a wrapping paper by using a big piece of old drawing and color it with color pencils and crayons

Make a box using old cardboard box with a gift inside. Making a box is kinda hard. So my mom helped me to do it. But next time, I will do it myself. Or you can recycle an old box as well.

Finish coloring in the paper

Wrap it up , any way you want it. I used some tape to secure the paper.


with a pompom on top if you want. I made a pompom all by myself too.

give it to your Daddy the day after .

Remember to say:

Happy Father Day .

With a big hug.


Gác Xép said...

Yeah! Dont forget "with a big hug".

ChịBaĐậu said...

Nice present!
Happy Father's Day to BX's dad.

NgocLan said...

Bánh Xèo is wonderful!
Happy Father's Day to Nguyen.

marcus said...

đẹp quá đi mất!

phuongle said...

con gái khéo tay và tình cảm quá , chắc Nguyên "phê" lắm hen .....Bánh Xèo làm gift này mất mấy ngày hả Châu ?? dễ thương quá ,idea tuyệt vời với giấy gói quà độc và đẹp ghê.