Drinking wine

Entry for May 02, 2008

is very popular here in Davis .

After 2 years living here, I learnt and improve myself two skills: drinking wine and of course... Cursing .

Everyday, people drink wine. At every party , people drink red wine along with figure food.

In pot luck event, you bring your own wine and drink your wine because the host cannot afford wine for every single one.

This week, I went to two events that held by UC Davis, just to drink wine and listen to people taking about wine industry , how to produce wine and marketing the wine.

I went to the " wine tasting " event in Mondavi Center. Mondavi is one of the biggest family wine owner here in the Napal valley . They donated over 1 million dollars for UC Davis to build a big, beautiful and shiny theater, which proudly standing alone and easy to be spotted if you pass by the 80 Freeway. In that event, I drank wine from a $125 bottles , five different kinds.

For me , five of them tasted the same. Hahahha. What a waste ! Still, delicious wine though. Cannot complain about that.

The event was too boring because it is too formal for an nasty artist like me. People here want to promote their wine . They are building an image for their drink as elegant , classic.., pleasant, traditional , even art, blah blah blah and therefore, just...so boring.

Last night, I went for another event call " College Celebration", which is they give out the award for the "excellent ee " s . I got an Arneson Robert award for my art. Arneson Robert was a very famous but dead artist. Every year, his widow gives out some grant for MFA grad of UC Davis. This year, I got it.

The wine was soooo good, especially with food.

The problem was I stupidly did not bring my ID with me. The bartender refused to serve me wine. Come on, it was ridiculous.

I told him that I am old, supper dupper old, that I am 37 yrs old. He kept saying sorry. My grad adviser Annabeth Rosen told him that I am an graduate. He still said no. Finally, my chair of department, Lucy Puls, come along with the Dean ( forget her name) had to verify for me to DRINK wine .

What is an "A... hose".

But last night, I drank a lot of UC Davis precious wine. I mean ALOT of beautiful, silky, and free wine . Food were good, too. Oh, no. I worked really hard during a year to earn it though.So, it is not free!

But due to a budget cut, we did not have a fancy diner like they used to have in the past.

Last night, there were only 3 waiters for the whole party of about 100 guests. And we took time to take food in the buffet line . It kinda suck because I expected something better than this . Hahah, greedy huh ?

Anyway, we did have fun with wine, food, fake candles and just a little silent cursing among us with fingers . Art. What do you expect from us ?
Also posted a picture with the Dean and the chair. The formal ones .
P.s: this entry was written when I came back home around 1am, heavilly drunk with wine flavor spining in my head. I got the pictures from the Dean and the Chair. Yet, will not post up here because I was ugly , as usuall.
One more thing, people. Listen up.
This entry is supper old. I post it again today as a good news. Drinking red wine may delay your aging process and keep you away from a lot of aging illnesses.
Start to drink wine NOW with me. My dear people.
To celebrate LIFE !

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